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The University of Szeged is renowned for its rich traditions and high prestige among the Hungarian institutions of higher education. The university’s mission is to offer high quality education at the levels of Bachelor’s, Master’s, doctoral (Ph.D), higher-level vocational and postgraduate specialist training programs.

The university’s internationally acknowledged, competitive research activities are essential parts of its educational mission, and it is particularly important to ensure the institution’s position as a research university. Its research and creative activities include basic and applied research, creative arts, product and service development. As one of the largest organizations in the South Great Plain region, the University of Szeged considers the active role it plays in the area’s social, economic and cultural development to be part of its social responsibility; and through its charitable activities the institution demonstrates solidarity with the people of the region. Through these activities, the University of Szeged seeks to achieve the recognition and support of the local community and the general public at the same time.

University of Szeged, Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies

“My name is Nikki and I am from Iran. Currently I am second year student studying Physiotherapy at the University of Szeged. I really like the environment of Szeged as it is a true university city where you can meet people from around the world. The reason why I came to Szeged is because I was informed by one of my friends about the fact that the University degrees are EU accredited and will help me to reach my goals and open doors for future job opportunities.”

Source: Alma Mater Magazine 2020/02, page 14.

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